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1901Group, located at the research park, in collaboration with Radford Public Schools and New River Community College won a $90,000 grant to forge a pathway for students to earn an associate degree in information technology. The program also provides work-based learning experiences for students, including mentorships and paid internships.

The seven funded innovative Career and Technical Education programs are as follows:

  • Alexandria Public Schools—$200,000 to expand existing college and career programs targeting underrepresented student groups and first-generation college-goers, including options for graduates to enter the workforce while earning a degree.
  • Alleghany County Public Schools—$497,756 to develop a program to prepare graduates of Alleghany County and Covington public schools for healthcare careers, including opportunities to earn advanced certifications or a degree.
  • Buchanan County Public Schools—$98,651 to provide work-based learning opportunities for students in preparation for entry into health science and STEM careers while earning an industry credential and associate degree.
  • Grayson County Public Schools—$205,550 to prepare students for career opportunities in the health sciences and to fill critical employment needs in the health and medical fields.
  • Radford Public Schools—$90,000 to create – in collaboration with New River Community College and the 1901 Group – a pathway for students to earn an associate degree in information technology.
  • Stafford County Public Schools—$158,043 to support a partnership between Stafford County Public Schools, Germanna Community College and local businesses to create a 4-5 year pathway for high school students to complete industry certifications in cybersecurity and earn an associate degree. 
  • West Point Public Schools—$250,000 to expand access to dual enrollment and CTE pathways programs culminating in associate degrees in health sciences and engineering technology by expanding an existing partnership comprising West Point, Mathews and Middlesex county public schools and Rappahannock Community College.

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