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Did you know that the VTCRC is home to an enterprise-class data center & cloud services provider, structured especially for the types of organizations here at the VTCRC?

Brush Mountain Data Center, a division of Advanced Logic Industries (ALI), is a full service IT data center offering secure equipment co-location & hosted computing services. It offers secure facilities specially designed for maximum uptime and continuity to efficiently house, and even optionally manage, all the IT equipment needed to run an organization. For companies who prefer to rent computing power and storage, Brush Mountain offers a CapEx-friendly option via their scalable FLxCloud hosted computing services.

Brush Mountain delivers a number of benefits: from faster IT resource availability, to better business continuity to save office savings. “An office suite is actually a terrible environment for your IT equipment. Dust, heat, carpet static, noise, power & bandwidth are single points of failure; these are all hazards to your IT equipment,” said Parker Pearson, Vice President of Marketing.

She continues, “IT equipment will last longer and perform better in a specially built environment equipped with cooling racks, redundant power, redundant internet lines and backup generators.”

Both Brush Mountain & ALI have been long-term tenants of the VTCRC, and being located here facilitated the opportunity for both organizations to come together.


What is a recent achievement your company is excited about?

  • Our recently completed “green” power savings project. This past spring, we partnered with a team of graduate level engineering students from Virginia Tech to help us develop a more eco-friendly cooling strategy. It was a good technical collaboration opportunity.

What exciting projects are you working on that you would like to share?

  • Right now we are very excited to be working with the VTCRC to offer Brush Mountain services to tenants at special rates and benefits; and even make it possible to incorporate those charges as part of their monthly VTCRC bill.

Why did you choose the VTCRC for your office location?

  • The VTCRC offers many benefits. The concentration of so many high tech organizations, and a growing environment that caters to their needs, seemed an ideal location for a data center. The power and bandwidth connections available via Virginia Tech’s network are unsurpassed by any other office park in the region. We are strategically positioned outside the catastrophic “blast zone” profiles of other major metro areas; and the proximity to Virginia Tech is beneficial for access to resources and talent we need to grow. Best of all, being located in the Blue Ridge Mountains near two thriving technology-focused towns makes for a great lifestyle for our employees.

For more information about how Brush Mountain can support your business here at the VTCRC, contact Parker Pearson directly at (540) 443-3577

Written by: Gillian Hurtt, Media and Communications Intern