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A Chat with Patrick W. Lloyd, Ph.D., Founder & Inventor of Obis One LLC

Tell us about Obis One.
Obis One LLC is an inventive specialty food company whose flagship product is organic black garlic. Founded at Obisquahassit, NJ’s oldest (circa 1670) working organic farm, Lisa, my wife, and I are credited with 13 original healthy products targeted to a wide audience of chefs, foodservice distribution, retail, individual and online customers.

Obis One is also excited to expand opportunities to local farmers who wish to grow organic garlic varieties to meet our growing demand.

So, what is Obis One Black Garlic?

  • Meticulously aged organic raw garlic
  • All natural, no additives
  • Black in color, sweet and savory in flavor
  • No garlic breath!
  • Twice the antioxidants of raw garlic

What are some recent achievements you are most proud of and want to share?

In 2015, Obis One was featured in Saveur magazine as “Best Condiment in 2015” for their wildly popular invention, “Black Crack®.” This organic product is what the name implies, cracked black garlic in a grinder jar. It took over four years to develop and takes over two years to produce it from field to bottle.

Also in 2015, Obis One was voted “Best Produce in Delaware” by Delaware Online and recently featured in Food & Wine magazine. Patrick Obis One

Does Obis One have any exciting upcoming projects?

Many R&D projects are in our pipeline, including a unique and healthy blend of merlot wine, Sriracha and black garlic, affectionately coined “Hokie Salt.” Notwithstanding how cool it looks on the plate, the flavor profiles are pretty awesome. Stay tuned!

What brought Obis One to the research park?

“Lisa and I are both Virginia Tech alumni and have two sons attending. We immensely value everything Blacksburg and the VTCRC is a perfect extension for our company motto “Sharing the Goodness.” The research park’s unique opportunity to learn, work, grow, play and give back not only exists, but flourishes here”, said Lloyd.

Contact and information:
Obis One, LLC
1700 Kraft Drive, Suite 1350
Facebook | Twitter