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YouTube video

Carilion Clinic Chair of Medicine Dr. Paul Skolnik answers questions about the COVID-19 vaccine

To help you navigate the video, here are the questions and when they’re asked:

  1. Based on what you know, why do you feel comfortable getting the vaccine?
  2. When will Carilion receive the COVID-19 vaccine? When will it be available for the public? (1:13)
  3. Can I stop wearing a mask and taking precautions after getting the vaccine? (2:52)
  4. Which vaccine is Carilion receiving? (4:07)
  5. How is Carilion working with VDH for distribution? (4:43)
  6. Do you have the freezer space for the vaccine? (5:27)
  7. Is it normal to store medicine in an ultra-cold freezer? (7:19)
  8. How does the vaccine work? (8:04)
  9. How long will immunity from the vaccine last? (9:16)
  10. Will it make me sick? (9:52)
  11. Should I report side effects? (11:43)
  12. How many shots will I need for the vaccine to be effective? (12:35)
  13. What’s the risk if I miss the second shot? (12:59)
  14. Who will be eligible for the vaccine? (13:18)
  15. Is it safe for the elderly or pregnant women? (14:15)
  16. Can I still participate in the seroprevalence study if I take the vaccine? (15:28)
  17. Key points (15:54)

COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A Part 2 | Dr. Paul Skolnik

Dec. 15, 2020 Part 2 Video

To help you navigate the video, here are the questions and when they’re asked:

  1. Any updates on when Carilion plans to get the vaccine?
  2. How does Carilion determine which employees receive the vaccine first? (0:31)
  3. What is the current guidance on Pfizer vaccine administration? (1:11)
  4. If I’m not able to take the second dose at the right time, will I need to take the first dose again? (1:32)
  5. Should I take the vaccine if I’ve had COVID-19 already? (2:18)
  6. If I have a known, current COVID-19 infection, or have been exposed to COVID‑19, when should I get the vaccine? (3:22)
  7. Can the COVID-19 vaccine be given with other vaccines such as the influenza vaccine? (4:06)
  8. Can someone with underlying medical conditions get vaccinated? (4:42)
  9. If I received antibody therapy treatment for COVID-19, should I still get vaccinated? (5:15)
  10. What about the immunocompromised? (5:50)
  11. What is the guidance for pregnant or lactating women? (6:52)
  12. Can children take the vaccine? (7:55)
  13. Are there any allergies that would prevent someone from getting the vaccine? (8:17)
  14. Any other updated FDA vaccine guidance to note? (10:25)

Please contact VTCRC team with any questions regarding VTCRC Covid policies.