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Personal wellness is a vital part of leading a healthy everyday lifestyle, both in and outside of the office. CW at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center is a 4,800-square-foot wellness facility that offers month-to-month and yearly memberships that include a variety of amenities to help VTCRC tenants and families build healthy habits and achieve fitness goals.

“Here at Carilion Wellness, we focus on having a friendly environment and keeping our members safe and happy. We make sure our equipment is updated and clean, and we try to give our members a personal experience,” said Jonathan Bennett, site manager.

Carilion Wellness is unlike any other gym, with modern fitness equipment, friendly staff, and a clean environment, along with personal training packages, exercise classes, and monthly access to other Carilion Wellness locations.

“Not only do members get full access to all equipment and amenities here, but they also receive five monthly access passes our other locations in Roanoke, Botetourt, and Westlake. These locations are bigger, and offer weekly exercise classes, swimming, saunas, and other great features,” Bennett said.

Carilion Wellness offers membership plans that cater to different lifestyles and schedules. Individuals can choose between an individual, medical, or household membership and have the option to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee. VTCRC employees and tenants also receive an exclusive discount on membership pricing.

Carilion Wellness opened its doors at the VTCRC back in April 2016 and has since become a vital part of the research park community.

“One of the greatest highlights of being in the research park is seeing all of the companies and tenants. Every time the CRC has a new business enter the park, that gives the gym more exposure and the chance for us to encourage them to reach their health goals,” Bennett said.

Carilion Wellness continues to support fitness and overall health here at the VTCRC and the surrounding area with hopes to expand at the park in the coming years and bring more fitness disruption to employees.

Carilion Wellness at the VTCRC is open Monday – Friday 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. For information on Carilion Wellness VTCRC visit them online or go to for research park employee discount information and verification form.

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