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On this World Environment Day, the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) proudly celebrates the outstanding contributions of our community of companies dedicated to environmental sustainability. These companies are leading the charge in creating innovative solutions to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.

Highlighting Environmental Innovators


    • Focus: Soil Health & Precision Agriculture
    • Contribution: EarthOptics is revolutionizing agriculture with advanced soil sensing technologies that provide farmers with precise data to enhance soil health and productivity. Their innovations help reduce the environmental impact of farming by promoting sustainable agricultural practices.


      • Focus: Environmental Safety & Risk Assessment
      • Contribution: toXcel offers comprehensive environmental risk assessments and regulatory consulting services. Their work ensures that chemicals and other industrial products are safe for both the environment and public health, supporting a cleaner, safer world.

      Tetra Tech

        • Focus: Environmental Consulting & Engineering
        • Contribution: Tetra Tech provides innovative solutions in water management, sustainable infrastructure, and environmental restoration. Their projects contribute to the preservation and restoration of natural resources, helping communities build resilience against environmental challenges.

        NALCO Water

          • Focus: Water Treatment & Conservation
          • Contribution: NALCO Water, an Ecolab company, specializes in water treatment technologies that promote efficient water use and conservation. Their solutions help industries minimize water waste and protect this vital resource, ensuring its availability for future generations.

          Biological Monitoring, Inc.

            • Focus: Ecosystem Assessment & Monitoring
            • Contribution: Biological Monitoring, Inc. conducts critical assessments of ecosystems to monitor biodiversity and environmental health. Their work provides essential data for conservation efforts and helps maintain the balance of natural habitats.

            Building a Sustainable Future Together

            At VTCRC, we are committed to nurturing an environment where research and innovation can thrive. We support our companies in their mission to develop sustainable technologies and practices that benefit both the planet and society.

            Join Us in Celebrating World Environment Day

            This World Environment Day, we invite you to discover more about the impactful work being done at VTCRC. Let’s celebrate the progress we’ve made and continue to work towards a sustainable future together.

            Visit us at VTCRC to learn more about our initiatives and the pioneering companies making a difference in our community.