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We’re excited to share that VTCRC based CELLINK has been granted two patents relating to the regulation and precise control of bioinks’ processing temperatures in CELLINK’s 3D Bioprinters.

These innovations will allow for higher cell viability and better reproducibility when bioprinting temperature-sensitive bioinks such as collagen. Thus, accelerating scientific research and 3D cell-based assays for drug discovery and tissue engineering.

BICO, the world’s leading bio convergence company, has been granted two patents relating to the regulation and precise control of bioink’s processing temperatures in 3D Bioprinters. The first patent, US 11,046,001, was granted in the United States and relates to temperature regulation of the printbed to enable precise control of the gelation process of bioprinted structures with temperature-sensitive bioinks, such as Collagen and Gelatin. The second patent, SE 543880, was granted in Sweden, and relates to controlling the temperature of the cartridge and dispensing nozzle during 3D bioprinting, leading to increased reproducibility, printing consistency, less downtime due to clogging and less material waste, while achieving a higher cell viability.


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From bioinks to bioprinters

On a winter morning in Gothenburg, in January 2016, CELLINK disrupted the biomaterials industry by officially launching the world’s first universal bioink. Our goal was to make high-quality bioinks readily available for researchers.

We soon realized that while our bioink had massive potential to change how research was conducted, our customers lacked the tools to truly unlock the advantages of this material. Unfortunately, commercial 3D bioprinters weren’t as readily available. Immediately, we set out to change that.

By 2017, we were no longer just a bioink company but rather a full-scale 3D bioprinting company, actively working towards the democratization of the field by providing cutting edge, yet cost-effective 3D bioprinter systems. Allowing our customers to make breakthroughs that define the future of health.

Today we are industry leaders in the 3D bioprinting space. Working closer than ever with our customers to develop the systems, materials and tools needed to continue on this journey to create the future of health.

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