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BLACKSUBRG, Va. – A Blacksburg organization is celebrating a philanthropic milestone to start off 2024 as it wraps up an ocean conservation initiative. The Click and Pledge Foundation has used video storytelling to generate more than $1 million for nonprofits across the U-S and Canada since it began in 2017.

The C&P Foundation is a team of visual artists with the mission of sharing stories of nonprofits/their mission and impact, to help them raise more support and give visibility to their causes.

The 2023 video initiative, Project Ocean, featured 10 ocean-related nonprofits across the U.S. So far, it’s helped raise about a quarter of a million dollars for those groups.

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Duke Carter

Duke Carter returned to 10 News in January 2022.

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Click & Pledge began on May 30, 2000 as an idea: What if online fundraising for nonprofits were easier?
It started as a solution for our local United Way to accept online donations. It was meant to be a side project. 20 years later, we’ve handled over $1 billion in charitable contributions for over 20,000 Causes.

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