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The first-of-its-kind agtech company leveraging machine learning (ML) to advance measurement and analysis of soil properties, EarthOptics announced today the launch of its Soil Carbon Project™, a product labeling initiative to benefit the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. By serving as the one-stop-shop for soil carbon measurement, EarthOptics enables CPG companies to quantitatively demonstrate to customers that the agriculturally sourced ingredients of each climate-smart product positively contribute to world carbon neutrality goals through verified net additions of soil carbon.

Soil carbon sequestration is an important piece of the climate-change mitigation puzzle since almost 45 percent of global soil is used for agricultural purposes, and soil can store about 2.3 times the amount of carbon compared to the carbon in atmospheric CO2 and 3.5 times more than in living plants. CPG companies partnering with EarthOptics to implement the Soil Carbon Project will be able to accurately measure and display on qualifying climate-smart product packaging the amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere and stored in the soil where the agricultural ingredients were harvested.

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