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Places First in the Innovation Technology Showcase at the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry

BLACKSBURG, Virginia, May 7, 2024 – CytoRecovery, Inc., a leader in label-free technology for the enrichment, sorting, and recovery of live cells, today announced that the Company had placed first in the annual Innovation Technology Showcase competition at CYTO 2024, which is the 37th annual Congress of the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) that was held in Edinburgh, Scotland.

“We are pleased to be named the winner of the Innovation Technology Showcase at CYTO 2024. It isan honor and privilege to be recognized as a promising technology to advance cell sorting workflows and tackle challenges still facing the life sciences research community,” stated Dr. Alex Hyler, VP & CSO of CytoRecovery.

Dr. Hyler further added, “As we move towards personalized medicine, more precise cell recovery that preserves cell viability, phenotype, and recovery is required, especially in the new fields of cell therapeutics and genomics. To address this challenge, we have brought to market our CytoR1 Platform – a label-free, fully integrated product system. Based upon what we heard at the CYTO 2023 meeting, we have been working hard to develop T Cell, B Cell, and other subpopulation sorting applications to address dire needs in cancer immunology and pharmaceutical cell therapy development.”

ISAC’s Innovation Showcase aims to allow scientists, engineers, and early-stage companies who seek to commercialize new technologies and services for cell analysis to present their plans to a wide audience at the CYTO Annual Meeting. CytoRecovery was selected as one of three finalists to present live at the conference, from an initial pool of over 50+ applicants.

About ISAC

The International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) is a global scientific society dedicated to advancing scientific discovery and clinical care through the power of cytometry. For more information, visit

About CytoRecovery:

CytoRecovery develops and markets an integrated, benchtop cell sorting system called the CytoR1 Platform, that can enrich, sort, and recover live cell subpopulations from tissue and other heterogeneous sample types without the use of molecular markers. The Company’s proprietary technology uniquely enables the recovery of specific live cell subpopulations without altering the cells by exploiting biophysical differences in cell phenotypes. This label-free approach improves the quality of the cell samples recovered, providing more accurate representation of human disease, and enabling their maintenance and viability for further use in biomedical research procedures. 

Company Contact
Steve Turner

Hanover International, Inc.

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