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On January 3, 2024, VTCRC tenant EarthOptics, a trailblazing soil mapping and measurement company, declared a major achievement – the mapping and physical measurement of one million acres of farmland and ranchland. This milestone not only propels EarthOptics into a leading market position but also underscores the demand for comprehensive soil intelligence.


EarthOptics has been on an extraordinary journey since 2021, measuring and mapping land across four continents and 45 U.S. states. Operating at a rate of 10,000 physical soil samples per day, EarthOptics has achieved a monthly milestone of mapping 100,000 acres. EarthOptics has emerged as the top carbon measurement company for grassland and rangeland acreage. They boast an impressive 300,000 tons of sequestered carbon to date.

Innovative Practices

EarthOptics is advancing regenerative agriculture practices with its SoilMapper™ platform. This platform offers comprehensive soil data that informs better decisions on crucial aspects such as tillage, fertilizer application, planting, and soil treatments. This platform empowers landowners to reduce operational costs and promote sustainable land management while simultaneously increasing carbon capture.

A key highlight of the company’s impact is its collaboration with Grassroots Carbon. EarthOptics’ expertise in deep soil sampling measurement protocols enables certification of high-quality soil carbon drawdown credits for U.S. ranchers. This collaboration exemplifies EarthOptics’ commitment to supporting regenerative soil health practices.

EarthOptics’ proprietary platform is a game-changer in training artificial intelligence to read vital soil attributes accurately and rapidly. From nutrient levels and ground compaction to carbon content and moisture, SoilMapper™ provides actionable insights into the physical characteristics of the soil. This, in turn, guides farmers and ranchers in making informed decisions about regenerative land practices.


CEO Lars Dyrud shared, “Our vision for next-generation soil data integrates physical samples with multi-sensor data, enabling farmers and ranchers to make their operations more efficient, sustainable, and profitable.”


The coverage of over a million acres has equipped EarthOptics to execute efficiently across diverse landscapes, even in remote grazing terrains with varying elevations. This efficiency not only enhances accuracy and value for customers but also contributes to cost savings. Their ability to glean comprehensive soil insights with significantly fewer samples has resulted in a remarkable reduction of physical samples taken by a factor of five.

EarthOptics is a beacon of innovation, creating significant impact on the agriculture industry and contributing to a more sustainable future. As they continue to redefine the possibilities of soil intelligence, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this inspiring journey. Stay tuned for more updates from the incredible tenants of VTCRC!

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