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Emisshield Inc. manufactures nano ceramic technology for high-temperature and cooling applications in many industrial market areas worldwide.

“NASA developed the core technology that our clients now use to reduce energy costs, increase productivity, extend the life of the material and improve combustion or cooling,” said Strategic Account Coordinator Gina Zehmer.

Emisshield’s research and development team has developed more than 40 products that companies and market areas in Saudi Arabia, Europe, China and Taiwan utilize. These Emisshield systems can be beneficial to numerous industries and markets including metal production, power generation, chemical processing and aerospace. More than 87 furnaces in glass manufacturing around the world, like Owens Corning and Libbey, are utilizing the benefits of Emisshield.

Emisshield was recently nominated for the Space Technology Hall of Fame. “The Space Technology increases public awareness of the benefits of space exploration and encourages further innovation by recognizing individuals, organizations and companies that effectively adapt and market technologies, originally developed for space, to improve the quality of life for all humanity,” Zehmer said.

Employees at Emisshield are excited to have acquired projects in Saudi Arabia, China and various parts of Europe so far this quarter. “There’s never a dull moment!” Zehmer said.

President and CEO (pictured), John Olver, states: “Emisshield has taken a NASA technology and commercialized it to benefit many end users in the world. We truly increase the sustainability of many industries in a wide variety of market areas.” John Olver

Emisshield moved from their Blacksburg/Main Street offices into the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) in 2009, mostly due to the location of the research park. The conference rooms available to tenants in the VTCRC “provide convenience for our customers who come to visit from all across North America, Asia and Europe,” Zehmer said.

John Olver

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