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Managing the four-prong threat of CDI, antibiotics, the flu season and COVID-19 | Jodie Y. Lee, MS, MBA and David M. Lyerly, Ph.D. → Antibiotic use increases during winter months because of the diagnosis or health threats of secondary bacterial pneumonias following primary viral respiratory infections. Viral respiratory infections weaken the host’s immune and innate responses, allowing bacterial pathogens, such as Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus, to infect and inflame the lung alveoli. Physicians may implement antibiotic therapy after diagnosing bacterial pneumonia, but also often use antibiotics empirically as a preemptive strike when they suspect bacterial pneumonia.

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The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center is an integral part of Virginia’s innovation ecosystem. Located a stone’s throw from Virginia Tech, one of the nation’s premier research universities, VTCRC is where bold thinkers turn big ideas into world-changing realities. VTCRC features flexible-lease wet and dry research labs, modern offices, and coworking space, all with top-tier amenities.

Nestled in the beautiful New River Valley, the VTCRC ecosystem exists alongside an affordable cost of living, high-quality education systems, and modern healthcare facilities. It’s no wonder VTCRC is leading the way in biotech, autonomous tech, software, and aerospace. Because VTCRC is adjacent to Virginia Tech, companies have access to an elite talent pool of students, faculty, and staff and university resources.

What sets VTCRC apart is its commitment to collaboration as the driving force behind innovation. Entrepreneurs, startups, and seed companies who become part of the innovation ecosystem have access to a rich environment of resources to take their ideas from lab to market. From Virginia Tech’s Link + License + Launch, to the Roanoke Regional Accelerator Program, to a national STEM research accelerator, VTCRC connects researchers with investors and business experts to disrupt markets and improve lives.