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Many of NASA’s computational innovations were developed to help explore space, but the public can download them for applications that benefit us right here on Earth. The agency’s latest software catalog has hundreds of popular programs, as well as more than 180 new ones, all available for free download.

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NASA’s Connection to VTCRC:

NASA Leverages Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center’s Tech Center to Cultivate New Startups through National Accelerator Network Program

Newport News, VA August 9, 2021 – Tech Center Research Park (TCRP), part of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center’s enterprise, is partnering with NASA to bring space-related technology to market.

NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate Technology Transfer Expansion (T2X) and Tech Center Research Park’s Accelerator Network (AN) programs will leverage their combined strengths to introduce entrepreneurs to NASA’s extensive technology portfolio.

T2X accelerates commercialization through entrepreneurship and partnerships that launch NASA technology-derived startups. The program encourages development of new applications for technologies originally designed for the space program.

The AN program targets a diverse group of entrepreneurs, such as women and minorities. Partnerships include the STEM to Commercialization Program from Historically Black College/Universities Network and other corporate partners to facilitate investor readiness. TCRP works with entrepreneurs to identify global applications of high-potential federally funded technologies for market entry and growth.

Jeff Johnson, Director of Tech Center Research Park, said “We are proud to be part of a program that challenges bright minds, teaches next generation of game changers, all while working with companies who are creating next level technologies.”

For this collaboration with NASA, the AN program will promote available use of technologies to under-represented start-up entrepreneurs, identify terrestrial applications, and evaluate licensing and commercialization potential.

University students and alumni from around the U.S. have been accepted into the program. On August 9, 2021, the program kicks off at TCRP in Newport News, VA. Teams will develop their business strategy and product throughout the fall to meet a final deliverable date of November 15, 2021.

Brett Malone, Ph.D, President & CEO of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center said, “This collaboration with NASA exemplifies VTCRC’s goal of translating research and bringing new technologies to market.”

To learn more about the program or Tech Center Research Park in Newport News, VA, visit or email Kelli Jones, Administrative and Events Coordinator, at


About the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center →

Born out of a need to translate Virginia Tech research to commercial potential, the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) was established in Blacksburg in 1985. Since then, it has been home to over 750 premier organizations with a common goal to disrupt industries. Today, with operations across Virginia, the research park continues to be a destination for growth and a space with purpose. Our mission is to create space with purpose where innovators have access to unparalleled resources, partnerships, and opportunities for growth. The VTCRC is a for-profit wholly-owned, private subsidiary of the Virginia Tech Foundation, and is, therefore, not a state entity.

About Tech Center Research Park Accelerator Network Program →

The TCRP ANP is designed to provide entrepreneurial training and initiatives to further ready technology for market entry. Engagement with diverse community development organizations provide opportunities to build economically and socially healthy urban and rural communities. The program supports traditionally under-represented entrepreneurs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.