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Emisshield Incorporated continues to lead the High Emissivity Revolution with innovation and research through the commercialization of various high-quality, sustainable, NASA-certified space technology.

“Emisshield’s mission is to take technologies that came out of the space program, license them, and then advance them into commercial use,” said John Olver, President, CEO, and founder of Emisshield Inc. “Our initial focus has been material science and high emissivity materials, which we use to improve the heating or cooling of any given substrate.”

Since licensing the NASA – developed space technology in 2001, Emisshield has continued to advance as well as expand the boundaries of High Emissivity products. Emisshield’s protective ceramic coating technology is used to improve the thermal performance of products across various commercial and industrial platforms.

“We’re in many different fields, and we improve the thermal performance of a piece of cloth, a piece of metal, whatever it may be,” Olver said. “We serve the textile, aerospace, iron and steel, hydrocarbon, petrochemical, sanitary ware, oil exploration, flare, and furnace industries.”

As Emisshield continues to develop high emissivity technology, sustainability remains a top priority for the company. Emisshield’s products have been designed and developed to assist industrial and commercial processes, all while using less energy and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

“We reduce the CO2 emissions per ton product produced,” Olver said. “By making a manufacturer’s plant more energy-efficient, we are not only lowering their emissions, but we are also indirectly helping global warming, which is a really good feeling and good objective to have.”

On top of Emisshield’s technological advances, Emisshield Incorporated has been recognized by the Space Foundation and will be inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame at the end of August in Colorado Springs. To date, less than one hundred life-changing technologies have been inducted into the hall of fame. Emisshield will be one of two technologies that will be inducted this year, recognized for their innovations developed for space that now improve life on Earth.

“It’s a pretty extensive process to be considered by the Space Foundation,” Olver said. “I think it will be a great opportunity for Emisshield to gain more exposure, and I’m looking forward to the ceremony.”

As Emisshield continues its success, Olver has begun investing in other projects, including The Vue apartments. The Vue will offer up to 207 units of 1–3-bedroom apartments for professionals, graduate students, and families. The Vue will be within walking distance of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center and is scheduled to open in 2022.

“We have a great location, and the intent is to create more convenience for CRC employees,” Olver said. “The Vue will have luxury amenities including a pool, lounge areas, a yoga lawn, and much more.”

Emisshield will continue to expand and improve their high emissivity technology here at the VTCRC. To learn more about Emisshield Incorporated, go to

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