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In a stride towards fostering a culture of well-being, the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) recently hosted its inaugural Wellness Day. The event showcased the collective commitment of the community towards embracing holistic wellness, featuring contributions from esteemed partners Takara Wellness, Adjust NRV, In Balance Yoga, Empath to Wellness, and Zeffer Fitness.

In Balance Yoga

In Balance Yoga Studio is a local, female owned studio with a mission to support and lead a vibrant yoga community right here in Blacksburg. They offer an array of classes, trainings, workshops, private sessions, and retreats. Classes for all levels and they welcome beginners to connect with their breath and find their range of motion.

Classes Monday-Friday in the CRC studio. CRC tenants receive special rates.

In Balance Wellness

Takara Wellness

Takara Wellness Co. is a local, female owned studio with a vision to bring balance, hope, comfort, and emotional sunlight into the lives of others through the giving and receiving of the gift of quality time. Takara’s passion lies in the artwork of sculpting a massage and bodywork session for each client. Takara’s enthusiasm for others is inspiring

Takara Wellness

Adjust NRV

Adjust NRV is a locally owned chiropractic clinic with a mission to build a world in which the vast majority of us wake inspired for better health. Dr. Brooke has been serving the New River Valley since 2009 and is active in the community. Dr. Brooke and his team are dedicated to improving and inspiring the lives of their clients. The VTCRC community is a better place with them in it!

Adjust Wellness

Empath to Wellness

Empath to Wellness is a locally owned practice that blends counseling, physical fitness training, and nutrition coaching. Owner Toshia Curfiss is a Licensed Professional Counselor, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, and NASM-Certified Nutrition Coach with the belief that physical and mental health can work in concert to help us lead satisfied, meaningful lives. Toshia’s enthusiasm and passion for people brings immeasurable value to the VTCRC community.

Empath Wellness

Zeffer Fitness

Zeffer Fitness is a family-run gym that provides convenience for busy professionals. They offer individualized programs with professional trainers and small group training options. Zeffer’s decades of experience and passion for fitness make the choice to join a no-brainer. The gym is a valuable amenity in the VTCRC community.

Zeffer Wellness

Community Collaboration

The collaborative efforts of Takara Wellness, Adjust NRV, In Balance Yoga, Empath to Wellness, and Zeffer Fitness created a Wellness Day that transcended individual contributions. Together, these partners enriched the VTCRC community, fostering connections and inspiring a shared commitment to well-being. Here’s to many more years of wellness, growth, and vibrant living at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center!

Check out the video HERE!