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Bacchus Therapeutics is a biotech company that exploits cancer’s hypermetabolic state by targeting specific cancer metabolic
pathways. The aberrant expression of cancer-causing gene MYC is virtually unmatched, making MYC one of the most frequently
deregulated genes in human tumors. Bacchus is founded by Drs. Gouw and Felsher from Stanford University School of Medicine,
who discovered that MYC regulates the aberrant lipid metabolism of tumors, and that targeting lipogenesis results in regression of
We developed innovative, proprietary small molecules that target lipogenesis, which causes regression of MYC cancers in
preclinical mouse and human studies and prolongs survival. Moreover, our novel metabolomic platform allows us to screen which
cancers will respond to our treatment. We are able to monitor therapeutic response within a few days of treatment by measuring
the actual biomarkers of our cancer therapy. This allows us to tell patients and doctors if our drug is working much faster than
standard cancer treatments.
Recent News:
As a research assistant at Bacchus Therapeutics, you will be responsible for assisting in experiments as well as being trained on how
to do business intelligence research, which is a necessary business aspect of drug development. The candidate must be able
to work with minimal supervision and be detail-oriented, well-organized, and highly collaborative with strong communication
skills. The candidate will be performing not only scientific research but also business research. This position offers a unique chance
to see both the science as well as the business aspects of drug development in oncology and provides valuable hands-on experience
for individuals looking to pursue a career in biotechnology or healthcare. The lab is located at 2200 Kraft Drive in Blacksburg, right
next to the Virginia Tech campus.
Candidates need to have experience working independently in a laboratory setting, handling equipment, and following safety
protocols. The following skills are required:

  • Mammalian cell culture (cancer cell lines)
  • Western blot
  • qPCR
    The following skills are also highly desirable:
  • Drug dose response experiments
  • ATP/MTT assays
    Bachelor’s degree in a science-related field and the equivalent of one year of full-time laboratory experience, or Associate’s degree
    in a science-related field and the equivalent of three years of full-time laboratory experience. Exceptions to these education
    requirements can be made based on experience in performing the required lab skills above.
    If this opportunity interests you, please send your resume and a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and qualifications
    to Dr. Gouw ( ). Please also include any references or certifications that may support your
    application. This position offers flexible hours, which can be discussed further during the interview. Additionally, there may be
    opportunities for growth within our company as we continue to expand our research efforts.
    Salary Information-commensurate with experience ($18-$23/hr).