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About the Raytheon Technologies Fellowship Program: Raytheon Technologies Fellowship Program is one of three workforce development programs coordinated by the Hume Center in support of long-term industry partners. The partnership between the Hume Center and Raytheon Technologies began in fall 2019 where students accepted into the program enter a pipeline of future Raytheon Technologies employees interested in cybersecurity, machine learning, and analytics careers.

Participant's of Hume Center Fellowship

Throughout their enrollment in the program, students attend lectures, establish mentorships with current Raytheon Technologies employees, and complete hands-on projects involving cybersecurity and machine learning to prepare them for summer internships at Raytheon Technologies. Students who participate in the Raytheon Technologies Fellowship Program are also automatically guaranteed one or more summer internships at Raytheon Technologies.

The Hume Center is located at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center.

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