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Click & Pledge announced a CONNECT payment form integration with Zoom Webinars and Meetings. Through integration with Zoom’s API, CONNECT donation forms can register donors for Zoom events. As a result, organizations now have the power to transform Zoom events into online fundraising opportunities.

The benefits and features of Zoom Integration include.

  • Create online fundraising events with ease.
  • Automatically register patrons to Zoom after payment through the linked CONNECT form.
  • Data is posted to linked Salesforce CRM’s.

Click & Pledge account holders can start using the Zoom integration now for no added cost. Guidance for set-up can be found here or in the product video below. This integration requires the use of Zoom’s API which is available with their paid account offerings. Refer to Zoom’s pricing page:

Online events and fundraisers have never been more important for nonprofits. Click & Pledge is looking forward to contributing to a solution for socially-distant fundraising events or classes. Read full blog and details.

About Click & Pledge

Click & Pledge began on May 30, 2000 as an idea: What if online fundraising for nonprofits were easier?
It started as a solution for our local United Way to accept online donations. It was meant to be a side project.

20 years later, we’ve handled over $1 billion in charitable contributions for over 20,000 Causes.

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  • Receive a direct contact for questions and support
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