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Lonza has collaborated with CELLINK to offer a comprehensive 3-dimensional (3D) bioprinting solution designed to advance complete 3Dcell culture workflows.

  • The solution combines CELLINK’s 3D bioprinting instruments and bioinks with Lonza’s primary cells and culture media, to meet the needs of cell biologists for enhanced bioprinting of complex 3D human tissue constructs
  • Under the agreement, CELLINK will provide this complete solution through its global sales channels, supported by Lonza’s well-established logistics processes

Quote from Katrin Hoeck, Associate Director, Marketing and Business Development, Discovery Solutions, Lonza:

“Cell biology laboratories are constantly seeking innovative new technologies to enhance their experimental workflows and help deliver on their promise to drive the next research breakthrough. Our broad panel of human-derived primary cells is specifically engineered to enable researchers to develop in vitromodel systems that more closely reflect biology in health and disease. This new collaboration with CELLINK will enable our customers to build physiologically-relevant 3D models to accelerate target identification and validation, investigation of mechanisms of action and safety testing in drug discovery.”

Quote from Ginger Lohman, Bio Dispensing Product Manager, CELLINK:

“Everything we do at CELLINK, from live cell imaging to our innovative bioprintingsystems and bioinks, is meant to support our customers with the products and services needed for them to more effectively and efficiently research solutions to some of the most important challenges of our time. Challenges such as cancer therapeutics, regenerative medicine and the testing and development of drugs, to name a few. When it came time to expand our portfolio into complete 3D cell culture workflows, we knew it was critical that we brought the right partner onboard. We’re confident that Lonza is that partner.”

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