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Vitech Corporation provides systems engineering solutions to help solve the complex problems of our time.

When a problem becomes too big for a single person to hold all the details in their head, this is often a systems engineering problem. The planning of cities of the future with all their competing resources of transportation, housing, water supply, waste management, and food delivery; the design of driverless vehicles; the redesign of a classic infantry carrier vehicle; even a well-designed cell phone that possesses a long battery life without sacrificing a sleek aesthetic—all of these are systems engineering problems.

Vitech provides software, training, and consulting that help companies and governments design solutions to these challenges. Its CORE and GENESYS trademarked product lines integrate the systems engineering domains of requirements management, behavior, system architecture, and model simulation to elicit critical insights into complex problems and bring clarity to design solutions.

In complex systems, components can perform behaviors that lead to unpredictable “emergent behavior” with potentially harmful outcomes. A compromised power plant might not shut off. A rocket might explode upon lift-off. Or, more innocuous perhaps but still problematic—a hospital’s entry process might include registering an incoming surgery patient multiple times simply because a good system has not been established.

Proper systems engineering helps guard against these negative outcomes and provides results that save not only money, but also lives. Model-based systems engineering, Vitech’s area of expertise, brings these solutions into sharp relief.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Designing a new air vehicle at warp speed:
    A major US aerospace company used CORE to help in the design of a brand-new air vehicle in just 18 months. The normal time frame for such an endeavor is 3-5 years.
  2. Restoring system flow for national package delivery company:
    A national package delivery company relying on hundreds of independent software systems used CORE to sync things up after a networking snafu, making a future such occurrence, costing the company hundreds of millions of dollars, far less likely.
  3. Helping humans survive in space:
    Helping people travel safely to and from the International Space Station involves many things, one of which is ensuring they can breathe inside the spacecraft. Paragon Space Development Corporation used CORE in the design of a humidity control subassembly that provided such capability for a unit on Boeing’s Crew Space Transportation-100.

Vitech was founded in 1992 by Virginia Tech grad David Long when he wrote a software program to satisfy a senior project. Long went on to become president of the professional association for systems engineers, the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), completing a two-year term in 2016. Long and Vitech Vice President for Professional Services Zane Scott wrote the industry standard guidebook, A Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering.

Based at Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center, the company has business partners in Australia, Korea, and South Africa. For over 25 years, Vitech has delivered systems engineering products and services to government and military agencies, private and public businesses, and Fortune 500 firms around the world.

An overview of Vitech is presented in this 2½-minute video.

Vitech Corporation
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