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Making vital impact in southwest Virginia to enhance health solutions, the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center is on track to expand flexible lab space for scientists, at every level, to discover, research, and conduct experiments {Made possible by regional stakeholders and GO Virginia grant}.

With over 26,500 people employed by life science companies in Virginia, scientists and researchers are in need of lab spaces for their entrepreneurial journey. In our region alone, next generation discoveries are in limbo because of the need for such space. How do we know this?

Through a feasibility study, findings show that early-stage companies have an unmet need in the New River and Roanoke valleys for flexible lab space to collect vital data to grow. Findings also show a lack of access to industry experts to provide mentoring and strategy can impact the success and time to market for early-stage companies.

Later this year, COgro LABS will answer this demand.

COgro, the research park’s co-working space, will grow to include COgro LABS, where memberships will be available for collaborative research and shared core lab equipment.

No matter if you are conducting traditional experimental research using chemicals and biological samples or real-world phenomena studied and analyzed using computational techniques, COgro LABS will be the perfect space with purpose.

We will offer two membership options, designed to meet the demand for ideas and product development to thrive in a 24/7 space. Options will include…

  1. Wet/Dry to include 6’ lab bench, locker, over bench shelving, rolling locking cabinet, lab stool, cold water, and RO water
  2. Fume Hood Suite to include fume hood, 6’ lab bench, and lab stool

Why COgro LABS? Memberships provide access to COgro co-working resources (shared kitchen, unlimited refreshments, events, and other entrepreneurs, experts, and investors across a wide range of industries) in addition to the parkwide perks and benefits members receive (priority childcare, access to conference rooms, and more).

The VTCRC is no stranger to life science companies. Membership also provides potential collaboration opportunities with like companies outside of COgro LABS, that are internal to the research park. For example…

  • BioGeneTech LLC
    Engages in research, discovery, development and service of knowledge and products in life sciences. The mid-and long-term objective is to find effective molecules to disrupt the growth of various bacteria and mammalian cells.
    Offers bioinks, bioprinters, and services that enable critical breakthroughs in 3D cell culturing, tissue engineering, and drug development.
  • CytoRecovery, Inc.
    Developing technology that enables the recovery and testing of subpopulations of cancer cells in tumor biopsies.
  • Landos Biopharma
    A late clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of first-in-class, oral therapeutics for patients with autoimmune diseases. Leveraging our AI-based integrated computational platform, LANCE, we have identified seven novel clinical and preclinical candidates across various areas of unmet medical need.
  • Revivicor Inc.
    A regenerative medicine company focused on applying leading-edge animal biotechnology platforms to provide a superior quality, high-volume, human-compatible, alternative tissue source for treatment of human degenerative disease. The Virginia-based company was formed in 2003 as a spin-out from the UK company PPL Therapeutics, which produced the first cloned animal: Dolly the Sheep. Revivicor has subsequently built on this technology, cloning the first genetically engineered (GE) pigs, and now produces pig islets, organs, and medical devices aimed at human clinical applications.
  • TECHLAB®, Inc.
    Develops, manufactures, and distributes rapid non-invasive intestinal diagnostics in the areas of intestinal inflammation, antibiotic associated diarrhea and parasitology.
  • Precigen
    Dedicated discovery and clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company advancing the next generation of gene and cell therapies using precision technology to target the most urgent and intractable diseases in our core therapeutic areas of immuno-oncology, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases.

At the research park, our vision is a world where big thinkers turn ideas into impact. How this happens is providing necessary environments for solutions to be born.

The world-renowned Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS (‘JLABS’) brings a virtual residency program to COgro LABS

Through COgro LABS, our collaboration with JLABS will assist five selected startups via a virtual residency program.

This relationship is unique because the selected companies will have access to the JLABS ecosystem as well as intangible offerings, including:

  • Sponsored virtual residency
  • Dedicated expertise from the Johnson & Johnson family of companies
  • Access to JLABS Resource Hub
  • Programming customized to the needs of the portfolio of companies with key areas of interest throughout the year, co-sponsored by VTCRC and JLABS

The selected companies that reside in the Go Virginia Region 2, spinouts from Virginia Tech, and/or companies that plan to reside in either Blacksburg, Roanoke, or New River Valley, are all eligible to apply to the program. COgro LABS membership will be required.

Selected companies will be sponsored by the VTCRC to join JLABS @ Washington, DC virtually, and will be able to access all that Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS offers its portfolio of companies. This virtual residency includes an open door to JLABS @ Washington, DC on the Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS is a global incubator that provides early-stage innovators with access to capital-efficient lab space and resources, including expertise, community, industry connections and entrepreneurial programs.

JLABS has 13 sites across the globe, with a portfolio including 775+ companies with $57.8B in financing and strategic relationships (secured and contingent). We believe the diversity of your network matters—the JLABS portfolio consists of 56% first-time entrepreneurs, 44% serial entrepreneurs, 32% female-led companies and 30% minority-led companies.

Areas of interest include:


  • Cardiovascular, metabolism, and retina
  • Immunology
  • Infectious diseases / vaccines
  • Neuroscience
  • Oncology
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Discovery, product development, and supply
  • Data science

Medical devices

  • Med tech
  • Vision

Consumer health

  • Skin health
  • Self-care

Integrated healthcare solutions

  • Lung care initiative
  • World without disease accelerator
  • Health technology

Follow us along the COgro LABS construction journey beginning this Spring. Updates on progress, photos, and videos can be found here.

To learn more about the co-working space, visit

Entrepreneurs and early-stage companies focused on biotech and healthcare science and technology solutions should apply now.

By Melissa Vidmar