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The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center is more than just space… since 1985 over 750 premier organizations have been part of the #VTCRCexperience. And why, you ask do they come here?

Our mission is to create space with purpose where innovators have access to unparalleled resources, partnerships, and opportunities for growth. And we do just that. We are a destination for breakthroughs where organizations can advance their research and disrupt industries in state-of-the art facilities that extend across the region to Tech Center Research Park.

The park plays a significant role in developing industry partnerships (like with NASA), forming and nurturing new business ventures, and attracting knowledge-based companies.

We celebrate all the companies here and their impact. This month we acknowledge those that are making 10x impact and have been doing so here… for over 10 years. Learn more about their industries and other tenants.

  • 1901 Group
  • AC&E, Inc.
  • Advanced Logic Industries, Inc.
  • AeroSoft, Inc.
  • Biological Monitoring, Inc.
  • Biz Net Technologies, Inc.
  • Brush Mountain Data Center, LLC
  • Defense Contract Management Agency
  • Design Nine, Inc.
  • Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • G. J. Hopkins
  • Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC
  • Institute for Critical Technology & Applied Science
  • Johnston Holroyd Intellectual Property Law
  • JPI
  • KemPharm, Inc.
  • Kevin Stieper, CPA
  • Maxtena, Inc.
  • NanoSafe, Inc.
  • National Weather Service
  • Precigen
  • Phoenix Integration, Inc.
  • Rainbow Riders Childcare
  • Revivicor, Inc.
  • Roanoke – Blacksburg Technology Council
  • Synthonics, Inc.
  • TechLab Inc.
  • Techulon Inc.
  • Time & Culture in South Asia
  • Trivedi Chemistry Inc
  • VirPack
  • Virginia Tech Brooks Forest Products Center, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials
  • Virginia Tech Computer Science
  • Virginia Tech Information Technology
  • Virginia Tech Integrated Life Sciences
  • Virginia Tech Integrated Life Sciences Vivarium
  • Virginia Tech Network Infrastructure and Services
  • Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
  • Virginia Tech Veterinary Medical Informatics Laboratory
  • Virginia Tech Foundation Corporate Internal Audit
  • VTTI Center for Injury Biomechanics
  • Whitman, Requardt and Associates, LLP
  • Zuken Vitech Inc.